About Bryon Black

I have been lucky to live my life surrounded by artists and art enablers! My father, my mother, my grandfather, my grandmother, and my super-talented wife were (and still are) always encouraging me to make art - if not making art on their own! 

I studied art and design at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. There are a ton of awesome teachers there and learned a lot of things, like wet-on-wet oil painting and how cool art history is! 

My art is inspired by the things that matter to me and things that interest me. Sometimes it's classical Greek mythology, and sometimes it's NASA. More often than not, nature is what inspires me. All of my paintings come from things I've seen, my imperfect memories of them, and the desire to make something beautiful and interesting out of those memories. 

I live in Woodruff, Wisconsin with my wife, Katie, three teenage boys, two dogs, and two horses. When I am not tracking oil paint all over the house, I work as a web developer for COLE Publishing in Three Lakes, WI.